Epithalamion: A Masque

This major work, Epithalamion: A Masque, settings of poems by G. M. Hopkins, was presented in 1991 as a celebration of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins in 1991.
Thou Art Indeed Just
Spring and Death
Carrion Comfort
No Worst, There is None
My Own Heart
Duns Scotus’ Oxford
To Seem the Stranger
Henry Purcell
God’s Grandeur
I Wake and Feel the Fell of Dark

The music was written during a sabbatical leave in 1989-1990. The Masque was directed and choreographed by Annabelle Gamson; the musical director was Arnold Gamson. The work featured a dance ensemble, string quartet, piano, harp and flute with four vocalists taking on the task of virtuosic solo parts. In addition, the Newark Boys Chorus, under the direction of Gwen Motron-Pinto, performed some of the choral works.